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Environmental, social and employee data includes information on all Barrick’s wholly-owned and joint-venture operations, country and corporate offices. We report on 100 percent of the data and significant issues from our joint-venture operations where we are the operator. We no longer report on joint venture properties where we are not the operator (Round Mountain). Where we have a 50 percent interest and jointly operate the property, we report on 100 percent of the data and significant issues, whether or not our joint venture partner does the same. Currently, KCGM is the only operation in that category. We also provide limited information on our closure properties and advanced exploration and development projects. We provide information, when material, on subsidiaries, provided they have been under our operational control for at least one year. We do not report on environmental, social and employee data for Acacia. Barrick and Acacia are parties to a relationship agreement that regulates various aspects of the ongoing relationship between the two companies to ensure that Acacia is capable of carrying on its business independently of Barrick. Consistent with this agreement, Acacia independently manages its CSR programs and issues its own annual CSR Report which includes environmental, social and employee data.