Barrick’s employees—more than 14,000 of us—come from all over the world and all walks of life.

We are metallurgists and accountants, geologists and anthropologists, environmental scientists and lawyers, mechanics and engineers, haul-truck drivers, and more.

Our culture is about enabling people to approach their work with a balance of boldness and prudence, with the courage to challenge conventional wisdom and to reinvent old ways, while keeping safety and the environment foremost in everything we do.

Our employees want to be a part of change, part of something bigger, and we provide them with the opportunity to do so. This helps us attract, retain and develop a highly skilled and engaged workforce, that is proud to work for our company.

Safety & Health

Safety & Health

Mining can be dangerous. Exposure to mining equipment, harsh weather conditions, loud noises, potential rock falls, dangerous chemicals, confined spaces, slips, trips and operator error can all contribute to workplace injuries. Therefore, safety has long been a significant concern for the mining business.

Because of this, safety is Barrick’s number-one priority:  Nothing is more important than the safety, health, and well-being of our workers and their families.

We are committed to achieving a zero-incident work environment with a safety culture based on teamwork and leadership.

Our Total Reportable Incident Frequency Rate
target for 2016 is 0.40

Over the past several years, we have progressively implemented a number of safety and health programs and activities to keep our people focused on continuous safety improvement. This includes rigorous company-wide systems and policies, training for all employees, special training for emergency response teams, performance measurement, risk-assessment processes, recognition programs for safety achievement, and a steady flow of information at the mine site and between sites and the head office in Toronto. Our approach is outlined in the Safety and Health Management System, which identifies key elements for building a safe workplace and creating a strong safety culture. 

Operating a safe workplace is our commitment to our employees and is the way we choose to do business. It goes hand-in-hand with operational success.

Injury Rate

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Employee Development

Employee Development

Our business is driven by the diverse skills, expertise and passion of our more than 14,000 employees. When we invest in their skills and leadership, we are investing in both their success and ours.

For this reason, we are a learning organization, working with our people around the world to help them develop their existing capabilities and to discover and acquire new skills as well. Doing so not only contributes to their career potential, but also ensures we are investing in the talent we need to be the industry leader.

Our employees participated in more than
900,000 hours of training in 2015

Due to the geographic and cultural diversity of our workforce, we have developed a blend of global, country and site-based human resources policies and programs. We take a global approach to senior leadership development, performance and talent management. We take a regional approach to compensation and benefits, training and employee relations to address the unique labor markets and social conditions in the countries where we operate. This approach has allowed us to implement targeted local programs that attract, retain and motivate our staff while reflecting local norms.

Total Workforce Composition

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Labor & Human Rights

Labor & Human Rights

Barrick is committed to ensuring that our employees respect human rights and are trained to recognize and report human rights violations. We are also committed to providing equal opportunity and freedom from discrimination for all our employees, to upholding the elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labor, and to supporting the effective abolition of child labor.

100% of Barrick employees receive Code of Conduct,
Human Rights and Anti-Corruption Training

Barrick’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (the Code), our Human Rights Policy, and our Policy with Respect to the Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, which is closely aligned with the International Labor Organization’s declaration, set the tone for the maintenance of a safe and ethical workplace at all Barrick operations and offices. We require that our work environment be free from discrimination and harassment, and we also support freedom of association, diversity in our workforce and women’s equal role in mining.

In January 2016, the UK-based non-profit organization Women in Mining recognized two Barrick employees among the top 100 inspirational women in mining globally. Read about their story here.
Employees by Category

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Labor Organizations

Labor Organizations

Barrick respects employees’ rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining.

This includes the right of each individual employee to join a union or other labor association. We have a number of sites where our employees are members of labor unions or collective bargaining associations.

Over 25% of our workforce is represented by
unions or collective bargaining agreements.

We work closely with labor unions and collective bargaining associations to develop and manage effective labor relations programs. Depending on the requirements of the labor union or association, sites with union membership often have safety topics included in labor agreements. Activities and actions conducted by site safety and health committees are essential to embedding a culture of safety within the company.

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Our vision is the generation of wealth through responsible mining — wealth for our owners, our people, and the countries and communities with which we partner.

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