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Responsible Production & Waste Management

Responsible Production & Waste Management

At Barrick, we have long worked to reduce the waste and pollution that stems from our operations.

We strive to keep products in use, reimagine projects for reuse elsewhere on site, deal with the waste we generate in a responsible manner and help improve the natural environment.

Mining, mineral processing and other associated activities generate a number of different waste streams, including mineral wastes such as tailings and waste rock, and non-mineral wastes such as general wastes associated with consumption of goods and consumables, which could pose a risk to people and the environment. Our waste management procedures promote the waste management hierarchy: avoid, reuse and recycle. Reducing waste and increasing recycling throughout the life cycle drives down costs during operation and at closure, while reflecting our commitment to operate in a responsible manner.

All our operations have waste sorting areas for the separation of metals, wood and equipment, as well as a waste oil collection and a collection for other hazardous materials. Wherever possible, we work to reuse or recycle products. Used tires, for example, are often integrated into our site landscaping and retaining walls or used to build traffic control islands.

Where possible and safe, we provide local artisans with access to our waste facilities so they can collect items such as wood to transform into furniture or beehives, or aluminum cans to recast into outdoor cooking pots to sell, thereby generating value from waste. During 2023, we also introduced a circular economy drive at Veladero to further drive reuse, repurposing and recycling of tools, equipment and materials, and reduce flows into landfill. Currently in pilot phase, the plan is to adapt and replicate the program across our other operations in the future.

For the portion of waste we can’t reuse onsite or in the community, we work to identify local companies to collect, recycle and dispose our waste for us. These companies are vetted to ensure they meet our standards for safe handling and disposal. In 2023, we recycled more than 57,700 tonnes of waste.