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Health & Safety

Everybody Going Home Safe and Healthy Every Day

Nothing is more important to us than the health, safety and well-being of our people.

Mines are dynamic and complex working environments.

Heavy vehicles and equipment are in continuous use to move significant quantities of material, and potentially hazardous chemicals are used to extract minerals from ore. Put simply, mining and refining operations are high-risk working environments where failure to implement robust safety standards and procedures can result in damage to equipment, serious injury to people and even loss of life.




Reduction in lost time injuries in AME

Fatality prevention commitments developed and implemented

of Planned Safety Leadership Interactions completed

Our aim is to eliminate fatalities and life-altering injuries from our operations, and to continuously reduce potential injury and health hazards at our sites. We have captured our commitment to safety through specific actions in our Occupational Health & Safety policy.

Every mine has its own site-specific safety procedures, management plans and systems in place, in line with our Health & Safety Management Standard and international best practice. Through these systems we work to identify, understand, monitor and implement the safety controls appropriate to the risks present. Our goal is for the safety management systems at all operational mines to be certified to the internationally recognized ISO 45001 standard by the end of 2021.

Going the Extra Mile to Keep Our People Safe

We are determined to protect our people from occupational health issues.

Through our health and safety management system we apply a systematic approach to anticipating, identifying, evaluating, controlling and monitoring occupational health hazards and exposures across all operations.

  • Occupational hygiene surveys: We conduct job specific risk assessments to understand exposure levels across all parts of our operations.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): We provide everyone entering operational areas of our mines with the appropriate PPE.
  • Shift rotation: We rotate the shifts of workers to help manage and minimize their exposure to occupational health hazards.
  • Engineering controls: This is our first line of defence when a risk cannot be otherwise managed.
  • Promoting personal well-being: We run personal health and wellness programs at many of our mines, including stop smoking, healthy eating programs, and fatigue awareness programs.
  • Regular medical checks for employees: We conduct baseline health checks pre-employment. These are updated at regular intervals to track employee health and well-being against preemployment levels, and to monitor effectiveness of controls in place. Checks conducted include blood tests for traces of heavy metals, hearing tests and respiratory and lung function monitoring. Staff regularly exposed to hazardous chemicals receive additional regular biological and radiation testing.


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