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Welcome to the Dominican Republic the most diverse Caribbean country, with amazing landscapes, hospitable people and an interesting culture. 

Known for its tropical climate, where you will always feel in summer with cheerful and passionate people, the Dominican Republic (DR) is populated by more than 10 million people and has a territory of 48,442 square kilometers. Both by area and by population, it is the second largest country in the Caribbean and the most visited destination.

"Quisqueya", as the Dominicans affectionately call their land, discovered in 1492 by Cristóbal Colon is a democratic republic whose official language is Spanish, and its currency is the Dominican peso. It is an island surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the North and the Caribbean Sea to the South with more than 1,600 km of coastline and 400 km of paradisiacal beaches that you can enjoy at any time of the year.

Dominicana, as it is also called, has the highest mountain, the largest lake, the most attractive golf courses and the most modern and dynamic metropolis in the entire Caribbean.

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With the ease of arriving through eight international airports, here you will find wonderful hotels, multiple recreation and entertainment activities, you will meet the greatest fans of baseball and other sports, you will enjoy spectacular merengue and bachata dancers, taste the best gastronomy that the country has, you will also fall in love with our beautiful mountains, landscapes, rivers and much more.

The Capital, as the city of Santo Domingo is often called, epitomizes the pulse of Dominican culture, where ancient and modern converge seamlessly from centuries-old architecture and history, to large shopping centers, art galleries, an electric nightlife and a flourishing gastronomic scene.

Dominican Republic has an important mineral wealth. In the last decade the mining sector has received a strong boost thanks to the exploitation activities of metallic and non-metallic minerals, which has led the sector to have an important participation in the economy, mainly as a generator of foreign exchange, exports, and Foreign direct investment.

Barrick Pueblo Viejo located in Cotuí, Sánchez Ramírez province, 100 kilometers from Santo Domingo, represents the largest investment in the country's history. The Dominican State is the major partner, whom receives important economic resources and benefits which highly impacts the surrounding communities and the country.

Come to the Dominican Republic and enjoy the incredible feeling of being in a paradise surrounded by mountains, stunning beaches and unforgettable sunsets. We invite you to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Transportation, cars, taxis

Uber is available in all the major cities in the country as well as well-known car rentals companies. Pueblo Viejo has various reliable taxi companies that we have vetted.


Being the second largest territory in the Caribbean, and the most diverse in topography, means a lot of opportunities for spaces for adventure and ecotourism, among them you will find the best places to surf, swim, fish, ride and do extreme sports.

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Travel, agencies

The DR has 8 international airports that cover all transportation needs for business travel and tourism in the country. Among the most important airlines that fly to the Dominican Republic are American Airlines, Delta, Copa, Spirit, JetBlue, Iberia, Southwest, Air Europa, United, Air France, Air Berlin and Air Canada.

Airport Information

Immigration & work authorization

Prior coming to work in the DR you will need to get a work authorization. In the link you will find the requirements needed to get the work authorization (Visa NM1).

Visa Application Process (PDF)


DR offers a variety of daycare services and before / after school programs. Early morning drop offs and late pickups are available to fit any lifestyle.


RD has modern health centers with doctors specialized in the different areas of health, and high-tech equipment to carry out all high-quality diagnostic procedures and studies.