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Nevada Gold Mines

Nevada Gold Mines

Nevada Gold Mines is a joint venture between Barrick (61.5%) and Newmont (38.5%) that combined our significant assets across Nevada in 2019 to create the single largest gold-producing complex in the world.

Nevada Gold Mines is operated by Barrick.

Our vision is to create long-term value for all of Nevada.

We live out that vision by embedding the principles of partnership and sustainability into every decision we make.

The profitability of our business and our corporate social responsibility go hand in hand. By supporting our employees, suppliers and stakeholders — while minimizing the environmental impacts of our operations — we bring sustainable long-term social and economic benefits to Nevada.

The foundation of our philosophy is the development of partnerships: be they at the local level with our surrounding communities, Native American Tribes and County authorities; or statewide across Nevada as a whole.

2020 Community Impact Report

Nevada Economic Contributions
Employee Wages

NGM employs over 7,000 men and women as well as hundreds of business partners who operate at our sites.

State Taxes

Mining is one of only a few Nevada industries to pay a specific industry tax in addition to all other taxes. The Net Proceeds of Minerals Tax is the economic lifeblood for rural communities making up a significant portion of county revenue.

Goods & Services

We support the broader Nevada economy through the goods and services purchased in the state of Nevada.

Social Investments

Whether we’re providing technology to the state schools, or keeping tribal traditions alive, we’re helping to make sure our home state offers 110 million square miles of opportunity.

Nevada Gold Mines is committed to:


Building trust and fostering genuine collaboration with stakeholders through constructive two-way engagement and dialogue.


Working with government and other partners to mitigate the impacts of our operations and ensure the benefits associated with mining activities are equitably distributed.


Developing partnerships to deliver long-term sustainable benefits, built on a model of shared responsibility and accountability to ensure these benefits endure beyond the life of the mine.


Monitoring and giving account of our social and environmental performance to internal and external stakeholders.

Based on these commitments, there are five pillars to our community development and engagement strategy:

Assets in Nevada Gold Mines

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2021 Outlook

2020 Performance

Reserves & Resources