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Students & New Grads

Summer Internship Program

Length: 3-4 Months

This program takes place at our mining operations in Canada, Nevada, Argentina, and Chile. Participating business teams include Mining, Engineering, Supply Chain, Safety & Health, Geology, Exploration, Environment, and Human Resources.

Dominican Republic Co-op Program

Length: About 3 months during the summer, fall, and winter terms.

Participating business teams include Mining, Geology, Processing, Maintenance, Environment, Human Resources, Capital Projects, Finance, and Supply Chain.

Co-op Program

About 3 months during the summer, fall, and winter terms.

This program takes place in Canada at our Toronto office, and in Nevada at our Henderson and Elko offices. Participating business teams include Finance and Digital.

Argentina & Peru Young Professional Programs

Length: 1-2 years (Argentina), 1 year (Peru)

Participating business teams include Safety & Health, Geology, Environment, and Engineering (Mining, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, and Metallurgical).

How do I apply for Barrick jobs?

Barrick offers a wide selection of opportunities for new grads. This depends on the student's program, previous project, and relevant work experience. Please see our job postings.

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How do I know where my position will be located?

The job posting will have specific details about the location of the role. Once you have been selected for hire, you will be contacted regarding all pertinent details of your Co-op placement.

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What does Barrick offer students and new grads outside of the job experience?

Barrick has a full offering of opportunities for learning, career development, and advancement. If you’re willing to travel or work abroad, Barrick’s global operations often provide opportunities for travel and relocation. We offer real working experience and the opportunity to work with and learn from experienced professionals within your industry.

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How can I enter a new position as a returning student?

Barrick encourages our students to consider new positions upon return. This provides a well-rounded experience in their career and can help you to gain further work experience and a new skill set.

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Does Barrick consider my previous work experience, or just my GPA?

Barrick takes both work experience and GPA into consideration for our roles.

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How does the interview process work?

Short-listed candidates are contacted through their school for an interview by the Universities or they can be contacted directly from the Recruitment Team at Barrick. We work together to schedule a convenient interview time for both the student and the Barrick hiring group.

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What are you looking for in a student hire?

Barrick is seeking students whom have the potential to be future leaders in the organization. Individuals whom have the potential to be high achievers that demonstrate high levels of drive, intelligence, aptitude, and are passionate about delivering results, as well as continuous improvement.

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Is my start date flexible?

Depending on the need of the hiring group, the start date is flexible. A start date will be negotiated directly with your hiring manager, and would be discussed with you during the recruitment process.

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