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Why Barrick

If you thrive on challenge and collaboration, Barrick offers opportunities on a global scale. Our remarkable people have made us the leading gold mining company, and we’re looking for more people to join our team—people who are motivated, energetic, eager to learn and grow. We make it a priority to support the aspirations of every individual, with international opportunities, ongoing training and development, and first-class benefits.

Are you ready to be remarkable? Discover the many benefits of joining our team.

Our Mission and Values

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A leading 21st century company

A strong, successful company offers you a brighter future with more diverse opportunities. We want to be among the very best 21st century companies, not just in our industry, but in any industry.

Barrick has mining operations and projects in 15 countries, including Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Côte d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Dominican Republic, Mali, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, United States, and Zambia.

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A company of owners

Barrick’s early leaders, led by Peter Munk, worked together as a team and trusted each other. They shared responsibility and accountability for the Company’s successes and failures. They lived and breathed Barrick because their personal wealth was tied to the Company’s fortunes. In short, they were owners.

At Barrick today, we are all owners. This means our people have the emotional and financial investment of an owner—an interest in the Company that goes deeper than mere employment. Ownership demands courage, conviction, and commitment. Courage to speak out, even when you know you are going to face stiff resistance. Conviction to voice your ideas and see them through. Commitment to the excellence of a leading twenty-first century Company, and the wherewithal to change whenever change is required.

This is the standard of ownership to which we aspire; a recognition that everything we do—every decision, every action, or failure to act—affects not only our performance, but our collective ability to generate wealth for our shareholders.

In late 2016, we created a program to make all of our people, from the rock face to the head office, owners of the company. Every year our people now receive a grant of common shares, determined based on Company performance. These shares must be held until retirement. In addition, the Company has created a program to match share purchases by our people, up to $4,000 per year.

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Grow your career

By joining Barrick, you’ll be a valuable member of a friendly, diverse, and high-achieving team of more than 10,000 people around the globe. Our commitment to support your career aspirations means genuine opportunities for a rewarding and exciting career that only a world-class gold mining company can provide. This includes:

  • International career possibilities, with opportunities at our sites around the world;
  • A progressive career path;
  • A remuneration package that is attractive and market competitive, recognizing your skills and experience;
  • A wide range of training and development opportunities, including industry conferences and seminars, as well as leadership and technical training programs;
  • Access to a global network of highly qualified professionals for exchanging knowledge and ideas, building skills, and sharing experiences;
  • Access to first-class health care benefits, such as medical and dental insurance; and
  • A workplace where everyone is treated with dignity and respect, and is free from harassment and discrimination.

The company is full of opportunities for learning, career development, and advancement. If you’re willing to travel or work abroad, Barrick’s global operations often provide opportunities for travel and relocation. Barrick uses a global Talent Management process to review performance, assess your potential, and identify opportunities for development, advancement, and transfer.

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Safety is our highest priority

Through an innovative "Courage to Care" safety training program, Barrick reinforces its safety commitment:

Every person going home safe and healthy every day

We continue to improve our safety performance. In 2017, we achieved a total reportable injury frequency rate (TRIFR) of 0.35—the best result in the Company’s history, and among the lowest in the industry.

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Work with the best people and technology in the business

Working with the best is always exciting—it challenges you and helps you achieve at a high level.

Barrick’s successful track record in developing mines and bringing them into operation demonstrates best-in-class technical expertise. Barrick geologists, engineers, and metallurgists are tops in their fields, so you will learn from and work with the best.

Whether surface or underground, Barrick provides you with the best equipment and the resources needed to get the job done well, always with a priority on safe operation.

If your chosen career is in administration or support functions, you’ll find that Barrick is a leader in these professions, too. For example, Barrick's finance and investor relations team has a reputation of excellence and accuracy in its financial reporting and compliance with the highest standards of business conduct. Continuous improvement is part of the culture throughout Barrick operations, with a constant striving to increase results, streamline processes, and share knowledge.

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Are you a Barrick person?

We need people on our team who have commitment, drive, and a positive attitude that helps deliver winning results. Barrick people are:

  • Ambitious team players
  • Courageous and passionate
  • Able to take on challenges with a sense of urgency
  • Focused, with a strong desire for self-improvement
  • Dynamic and progressive in their thinking
  • Ethical and committed to responsible business solutions
  • Professional, trustworthy and keen

If this describes you, you’ll thrive in Barrick’s results-driven, entrepreneurial culture based on responsibility, accountability, and integrity. Barrick’s Vision & Values reflect a culture where people are empowered to make decisions and accomplish their goals on a daily basis.

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