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NGM believes it all starts with education.

Having access to quality education is critical to success in life. A good education means access to career opportunities that can be truly transformative — providing the training and resources needed for a better life.

That’s why we are committed to educational equity in Nevada by providing access to high-quality instructional materials to all students across the state.

We are investing in our youth for a brighter future by partnering with schools and universities, sponsoring scholarships and internships, supporting skilled trades programs and other educational initiatives — all with the aim of helping Nevadans achieve their full potential.

Through supporting programs that range from ensuring every child in Nevada has access to a quality online curriculum, to providing schools access to Chromebooks for distance learning, to investing in teacher training and leadership initiatives, to supporting efforts to increase science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education and ensuring it’s inclusive of women and communities of color, we are helping improve education outcomes within our communities.


Discovery Education

Nevada Gold Mines invested $2.2 million alongside the Nevada Department of Education to provide students, educators and families with access to Discovery Education’s instructional resources.

This partnership is giving 13,200 public school educators and 175,000 students statewide access to Discovery Education Experience, the award-winning, flexible K-12 platform that keeps students connected to learning whether at home or at school. Discovery Education is a global leader in standards-based, high-quality digital curriculum resources for K-12 classrooms.

The students are also receiving access to dynamic career resources and hands-on experiences supporting the exploration of careers in STEM.

2020-2021 Executive Summary

  • Over the course of this school year, Nevada educators and students were provided access to the Discovery Education Experience to enhance digital learning as the state navigated challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was documented that 100% of schools in Nevada took advantage of this resource! 

  • To date, nearly 1 million resources have been utilized by Nevada educators and students. This impressive metric showcases not only the need for digital educational content, but the continued interest and usage throughout the school year. 

  • In year one, Discovery Education Experience has been implemented by over 16,000 educators and 222,000* students through unique logins. With many educators screensharing, potential student reach was 400,000+ for this year. 

  • Discovery Education is excited for year two and the continued success of the partnership throughout the state of Nevada.

Discovery Education 2020-2021 Report

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Boys & Girls Clubs

We are proud to provide support for infrastructure and programming to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Elko, Wells and Winnemucca. The clubs provide a safe learning environment for students when they’re not in school as well as life skills and career exploration opportunities.

Learn more at https://bgcelko.org and http://www.bgcwin.org.

NGM Learning Centers

Nevada Gold Mines has partnered with the Boys & Girls Club to address childcare shortages in its local communities.

Through the partnership, NGM committed $3 million to develop early learning centers in both Spring Creek and Elko, as well as to assist building a new Boys & Girls Club facility in Spring Creek. The learning centers will be named after the company as “Nevada Gold Mines Early Learning Center of Elko and Spring Creek.”

The Boys & Girls Club Spring Creek facility was the first project presented to NGM through the Elko/Spring Creek/Carlin/Eureka Community Development Committee (CDC), one of five set up in Nevada. The CDCs aim is to ensure NGM is supporting its local communities in meaningful ways, with long-term sustainability in mind.

The new Spring Creek learning center will care for infants to 5-year-olds and will serve 110 children daily. The current Elko facility will be renovated to include a learning center, also for infants to 5-year-olds, and will serve 51 children daily. The hours of care at both facilities will be expanded from 4 a.m. to 8 p.m. to accommodate mine employee schedules.

NGM commits $3 million to address local childcare shortage

Boys & Girls Club breaks ground on Spring Creek facility


Learning Centers

Public Education Foundation

The Public Education Foundation is a non-profit organization that creates dynamic initiatives and programs to reimagine and improve public education. We have provided support for its Digital Leadership Academy and annual Education Hero Award Gala.

In 2020-21, over 600 individuals and 74 schools participated in the Digital Leadership Institute. NGM is supporting this program’s continuation in 2021 which will assist in narrowing the digital divide, provide differentiation of instruction, and help close the achievement gap for Nevada students.

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Elko County School District Chromebook Donation

Through NGM’s participation on the Connecting Kids Nevada Task Force, it was identified that Elko County School District was in need of 400 Chromebooks for students.

Nevada Gold Mines along with 20 business partners secured $115,000 in funding for the purchase of the Chromebooks, which arrived in December 2020.

This is an example of the power of partnerships and demonstrates that collectively we can provide resources that benefit children and education for years to come.

Communities In Schools of Nevada (CIS)

Nevada Gold Mines proudly supports Communities In Schools of Nevada (CIS) and their work to keep students in schools and help them achieve success in life. CIS provides much needed resources to students such as academic assistance, clothing, food, health/mental health services, and other resources necessary to remove barriers students face. CIS works directly with schools, parents and students to both reduce school dropout rates and increase graduation rates across Nevada. NGM provides support for programming in Clark, Elko, and Humboldt counties as well as assists in rural preschool and mental health initiatives.

2020-2021 CIS Impact Report

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Communities in Schools

Higher Education

In 2020 we have invested more than $600,000 to fund a wide range of scholarships, fellowships, student clubs and services at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, the University of Nevada, Reno and Touro University Nevada. This includes priority scholarships for students from rural Nevada.

Higher Education
Great Basin College

Vocational Training

Nevada Gold Mines understands the importance of vocational training to meet the local workforce demands and offer career development paths to young people. NGM supports a myriad of vocational programs:

Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Program

It is critical for our operational success and safety that we have skilled commercial drivers in the region. Commercial haulage is also a strong engine for jobs and growth in local economies. As such, we collaborated with five industry partners in Nevada, Great Basin College, and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development to launch the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) program at Great Basin College, the community college in Elko.

Together this consortium funds hands-on six-week training courses that teaches students the laws and best practices of safe commercial driving required to qualify for a Class “A” Commercial Driver License (CDL) in Nevada. More specifically, funding covers the cost of the trainer, vehicle maintenance, insurance, fuel and a $300/week per student stipend. Since its inception in 2019, 36 students have been trained, 43 have obtained their CDL, and 41 have been hired into the workforce.


BuildNV Construction program is an 80-hour program, started in August 2020, designed to train workers in construction, building maintenance, and related trades and career technical education that helps to address some much-needed workforce challenges.

Workforce challenges are identified by industries across Nevada. Many in our communities are looking for alternatives to a traditional college education for career opportunities. Nevada Gold Mines is working along with other industry leaders and partners to design workforce training options that address needs within our diverse communities.

BuildNV Core Construction Training

College of Southern Nevada High School Student Outreach

Nevada Gold Mines partnered with the College of Southern Nevada(CSN) and Clark County School District (CCSD) on a pilot program to offer high school students the opportunity to earn a certificate in diesel technology or industrial maintenance.

This partnership will not only provide high school students with a career path, but also helps to build the next generation pipeline of skilled trades for Nevada industries.

Barrick CEO: Nevada Gold Mines is investing in education

Maintenance Training Cooperative

The Maintenance Training Cooperative (MTC) program provides individuals with a unique opportunity to start a career in one of the following technical trades: diesel, welding, electrical systems, instrumentation or industrial millwright. Nevada Gold Mines provides selected students with a $5,000 scholarship to Great Basin College in Nevada to help cover the tuition, fees, and books for one of their fast-paced Certificate/Associate of Applied Science degree programs.

Along with the scholarship is the opportunity for paid on-the-job training at the mine site where students apply the skills they are learning at school.

2021 MTC Scholarship

Internships for Nevadans

Nevada Gold Mines offers internships to provide college students an opportunity to work directly with our industry professionals to grow vital skills and knowledge to succeed in their specialty. Interns gain knowledge in mining, business, networking, and social responsibility.

Students are challenged with developmental projects within their field of study and finish an invigorating summer with a year-end presentation to their colleagues and industry leaders. We continuously strive to provide an exciting summer experience; the opportunities to grow and learn with the industry colleagues are endless!

In 2020, we hosted a group of 94 interns that was 36% female.

Internships for Nevadans
Western Shoshone Scholarship Foundation


Western Shoshone Scholarship Foundation

Native American Scholarship Programs

Western Shoshone Scholarship Foundation (WSSF)

The WSSF is a program designed to provide additional and meaningful support to our Native American partner Tribes/Bands. This program, established in 2008, provides financial assistance to the eligible Western Shoshone communities for University education, college education, and/or vocational/technical training. Awards are $3k/semester for students.

The objective of this program is to provide assistance to eligible students by partially covering the cost of attending an educational institution to learn a skill or obtain a degree to enhance employment opportunities and career prospects.

This scholarship program for Native American students has provided 2,030 scholarships to date, totaling almost $5 million since 2008. A newly signed agreement in 2019 has committed $13 million over the next ten years to the Western Shoshone Scholarship Foundation.

This program reiterates Nevada Gold Mines’ commitment to education and our Native American partners for long-term positive impact that benefits not only families but Native American communities for years to come. Learn more: https://learnmore.scholarsapply.org/naeducation.

Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) for Great Basin College

Nevada Gold Mines supports students who are attending classes part-time at Great Basin College by providing tuition support for up to 10 credit hours per semester for programs that promote career enhancement, increased potential for employment, or increased earning potential.

Nevada Gold Mines “Gold” Mining Scholarships

$1,500 per term Gold scholarships are awarded to Western Shoshone Scholarship Foundation award recipients who reached undergraduate sophomore, junior or senior status or are in a Master’s or Doctoral level program in one of the following degree fields:

  • Chemical, Civil, Environmental, Geological, Geophysical, Geotechnical, Mining or Metallurgical Engineering
  • Environmental Science
  • Geology
  • Mineral Processing
  • Wildlife Ecology/Conservation