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Statement in Relation to RAID’s Publication on the North Mara Gold Mine

Statement in Relation to RAID’s Publication on the North Mara Gold Mine

March 14, 2022

PDF  Letter from Barrick to RAID (22 February 2022)  Letter from Bowmans to RAID (7 March 2022)

Barrick Gold Corporation (NYSE:GOLD)(TSX:ABX) is aware of the publication released by RAID earlier today, 14th March 2022, in relation to certain alleged actions of the Tanzania Police that have caused personal injuries in the communities that surround the North Mara Gold Mine. We have, prior to this release, responded to RAID on this matter. Barrick has provided detailed responses to RAID on each occasion when asked, and it is unfortunate RAID has chosen to ignore Barrick’s response and various key facts in its publications. Nevertheless, attached is Barrick’s most recent correspondence with RAID which is shared with you to provide you the opportunity to provide a balanced article of the situation at North Mara Gold Mine.

As you are aware both Barrick and North Mara Gold Mine Limited are parties to ongoing litigation at the High Court of England and Wales concerning some of the incidents raised in RAID’s publication; accordingly, Barrick’s response in this statement is caveated in respect of those proceedings which Barrick expects will be heard by the court over the course of 2023.

In our responses to RAID we have reiterated our stance with regards to Human Rights. Respect for Human Rights is a foundational value to the Barrick Group of companies and a central part of our sustainability vision. We seek to avoid causing or contributing to Human Rights violations and we actively facilitate access to remedy for credible allegations.

RAID’s publication makes many factual errors such as incorrect references to “Mine Police” and deliberately misleading references to “Police employed by the Mine”, ‘’Police guarding the mine’’ and ‘’assigned to the mine’’. No police officers are (or have been) employed by North Mara Gold Mine Limited. The Tanzania Police’s role is to preserve law and order within the community including surrounding the North Mara Gold Mine. The Police are informed through a Police liaison officer when law and order issues arise in particular where there are disturbances which only the Police are qualified or permitted under Tanzanian law to deal with. Security at the North Mara Gold Mine is performed by a Tanzanian security company who maintain an unarmed presence within the mine perimeter. Barrick has consented to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales, even though jurisdiction properly lies in Tanzania, for a resolution of these issues so that RAID cannot complain about the forum.

The North Mara Gold Mine does not manage or control an independent police force. The Tanzanian Police is an institution of State created and governed by legislation and the Tanzania Constitution. The Tanzania Police operates under its own hierarchical chain of command and makes its own policing decisions as one would expect from a national police force - for RAID to suggest otherwise is both inaccurate and simply not true.

RAID’s publication has made allegations of incidences involving the local community and the Tanzania Police that have all occurred outside the perimeter of the North Mara Gold Mine and in neighbouring villages. Barrick would not normally note such incidents in our Human Rights Report as they did not occur within our mine site or under Barrick’s control nor did they involve Barrick personnel. Private companies such as North Mara Gold Mine Limited are not expected to monitor or report on day-to-day police activities outside of the mine.

RAID suggests it holds credible relevant information and Barrick has always encouraged them to pass such information on to the Attorney General and the Director of Public Prosecutions on Tanzania. As far as Barrick is aware RAID has not approached the authorities in Tanzania but instead prefers to raise its concerns through the media.

Since Barrick took over from Acacia in September of 2019 there has been significant progress made with regards to Environmental, Community and Security aspects which we have consistently reported against. We have also had three independent audits undertaken during this time that have recognised the significant improvements that have occurred at the North Mara Gold Mine.


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