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Over the last five years, ESG and sustainability performance have moved to mainstream thinking for investors and stakeholders.

For Barrick, this is nothing new. From board diversity to biodiversity, climate risk to community relations, a commitment to managing sustainability effectively and responsibly has long been entrenched in our DNA.

2021 Highlights

All sites certified to ISO 45001 & ISO 14001

Biodiversity actions plans implemented at all operational sites

First Tax Contribution Report for 2021 released early 2022

$5.5 billion spent with host country suppliers

10 independent tailings reviews conducted

1.47 Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR)

Climate change
~$850 million invested or committed for decarbonization projects

Human rights Standalone Human Rights Report released

Our Sustainability Strategy

At Barrick, our sustainability strategy is our business plan. We resolutely believe that successful modern mining companies must deliver long-term value to all stakeholders, not just shareholders.

Beyond that, they must also operate responsibly, and manage and mitigate their impacts on the wider environment, including the biophysical, social and cultural environment. We also believe that fundamental stainability concepts such as building climate resilience, responsibly managing water use, protecting biodiversity and poverty eradication are inextricably linked and are best managed holistically.

At the foundation of our approach to holistic and integrated sustainability management is our Sustainable Development Policy. This policy sets out the steps we take to deliver against the strategy, and commits us to support the socio-economic development of our host countries and communities.

Sustainability Document Library   Sustainability Report 2021

Our sustainability strategy: Manage environmental impacts; create economic benefits; protect health and safety; and respect human rights.