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May 03, 2022

Strong Shareholder Support for Barrick at Annual Meeting

Toronto – An overwhelming majority of shares voted at the meeting supported the three resolutions put to shareholders at Barrick Gold Corporation’s annual meeting today.

Each of the eleven nominee directors listed in the Information Circular for the 2022 Annual Meeting of Shareholders was elected with at least 87% of the vote, the appointment of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP as auditors received 88% of the vote and the advisory resolution on the company’s approach to executive compensation gained 93% of the vote.

Executive chairman John Thornton said the board was gratified by the outcome and thanked shareholders particularly for their emphatic demonstration of confidence in Barrick’s leadership and the progress it is making in building a sustainably profitable business, more than capable of dealing effectively with the challenges and changes that face the industry, and the world.

Detailed results of the vote for the election of directors, the appointment of auditors and the advisory resolution on executive compensation are set out below.

NomineeVotes For% ForVotes Withheld% Withheld
D. Mark Bristow1,140,613,45299.19%9,265,5310.81%
Helen Cai1,140,640,79699.20%9,238,1870.80%
Gustavo A. Cisneros1,002,985,22787.23%146,893,75612.77%
Christopher L. Coleman1,074,654,34393.46%75,224,6406.54%
J. Michael Evans1,068,880,40392.96%80,998,5807.04%
Brian L. Greenspun1,091,664,04994.94%58,214,9345.06%
J. Brett Harvey1,079,124,93693.85%70,754,0476.15%
Anne Kabagambe1,140,105,16899.15%9,773,8150.85%
Andrew J. Quinn1,140,362,907
Loreto Silva1,116,053,87997.06%33,825,1042.94%
John L. Thornton1,004,668,85887.37%145,210,12512.63%

Voting results for the resolution approving the appointment of the auditor are as follows:

Votes For% ForVotes Withheld% Withheld

Voting results for the advisory resolution on executive compensation are as follows:

Votes For% ForVotes Against% Against


President and CEO
Mark Bristow
+1 647 205 7694
+44 788 071 1386

Senior EVP and CFO
Graham Shuttleworth
+1 647 262 2095
+44 779 771 1338

Investor and Media Relations
Kathy du Plessis
+44 20 7557 7738
Email: barrick@dpapr.com

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