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GISTM Tailings Disclosure

Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management

Principle 15
Public Disclosure

Barrick, as a member of the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM), has fulfilled its commitment to provide disclosure under the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management (GISTM) for all of its tailings storage facilities that are classified as ‘Very High’ or ‘Extreme’ consequence under the GISTM by August 2023.

Barrick has also committed to provide disclosure for the remainder of its operated facilities by August 2025, also in accordance with the GISTM. Providing access to detailed information about our tailings facilities under the GISTM is in keeping with our commitment to transparency and public accountability.

Of the 60 tailings storage facilities that Barrick owns or operates, only 14 are classified as ‘Extreme’ (five facilities) or ‘Very High’ (nine facilities) under the GISTM. All 14 of these facilities conform with the requirements of the GISTM. Two facilities (Giant Nickel’s Upper and Lower TSFs) are classified as being in ‘Safe Closure’ and are therefore not subject to the disclosure requirements of the GISTM, while one facility (Zaldivar TSF) is operated by a joint venture partner and is therefore not included in Barrick’s GISTM disclosures.

The disclosure documents on this page have been prepared in accordance with the requirements of Principle 15 of the GISTM and reviewed by Barrick’s Accountable Executive.

These disclosures will be updated as required by the GISTM with additional disclosures made for our lower consequence facilities by August 2025.

Responsible management of waste and tailings
Making sure we deal responsibly with the waste we generate is critical to the health of local environments, local communities and our business.

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